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"Hi and Thanks for Coming"

Introductions can be weird, and I'm not really known for my first impressions, but alas, I'll give it a go. I decided to start this website to showcase some of my work, open the door to some collaborations, and to just have an excuse to thought/word vomit whilst masking it as a blog.

I plan to write a weekly post about anything that happened in the week that I find important, not only to myself but potentially to all of you. Whether it be politics, traveling, an art exhibit, a new bar, an old bar that I frequent too often for it to be considered normal, an interaction, a feeling, a moment, a human---whatever it may be, I'll write about it here. I bring the lens of a gay female millennial to whatever I write, with a little bit of sarcastic flair (or cynicism as my mother likes to call it). I'm not going to blog about solely one thing because I'm not solely one person, and neither is my readership (all 3 of you), so it seems disingenuous to try and shove this blog into one box.

Some people may not want to read my thoughts and opinions, and that's quite alright. But for those that do, hi and thanks for coming.