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Verve Wine

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of writing comical, quirky, informative in-store copy for Verve Wine, a wine and spirit shop in NYC and SF. Each bottle had a handwritten note, either with tasting notes, a fun fact about the distillery, or a humorous few lines to make the products stand out beyond their label and name. 

Woman at Vineyard

Ruppert-Leroy "les cognaux": These folks know all about sheep and grape farming, although we’re impartial to the latter.  Their use of biodynamics creates a complex, dynamic flavor, pleasing to the palate.


Patrick Bottex La Cuielle Bugey-Cerdon: 90% Gamay, 10% Poulsard, 100% gulpable


Francois Chidaine "les augiles": The French authorities won’t allow Chidaine to label this as 100% Vouray, but, really, take our word (and his) for it.


Keller Trocken:  Fruitful and dry, this Riesling combines complexity and intensity while lacking severity.


Pelican Arbois Chardonnay: Although it’s from the lesser-tapped region of Jura, you’ll be convinced it’s a Burgundy.


Oriol Astigas La Prats VV: Astigas’ goal is to “cultivate the grapes in the most natural, least interventionist way possible.” He’s how you wished your parents were, but with grapes.


Sandhi Sanford and Benedict ‘Chardonnay’: From the oldest Chardonnay plantings in Santa Barbara.


Jolie Laide Gamay Noir "Bar Sotti": In order to honor the differences in each new wine, Jolie Laide adorns their bottles with a different artist. This release: Brian Gaberman


Hudelot—Baillet Hauter: 2015 Burgundys are going to fly out of the door--they're just that good. enjoy while you can.


Clusel “Galet": Coteaux du Lyonnais: Made by one of the leaders in Cote Rotie, his take on Gamay coming from a new appellation in Lyon. Rich and Bold.


Chevillon 'Passetoutgrain': Made by two brothers who’s dedication and knowledge will permeate your glass.


Cascina Preziosa “Vespolina”: A refreshing and versatile red that holds the renowned Piedmont distinctiveness


La Combe Grisard Gevrey Chambertin 'la justice': made by two of our favorite winemakers. 300 cases made, so we don't have to tell you to act fast.


Evinante “lousas”: new cool spanish producer; lucky to have found this one since the quantity is so limited


Presqu’ile “bien nacido vineyard”:  *Bien Nacido is one of the oldest/most reputable vineyards in the Santa Barbara AVA. *The Bien Nacido Vineyard produces an acidic wine, harmonized with notes of sweetness.

(Either mine or yours is fine obviously your pick)


Garcia Goyo Graciano: Baller example of Graciano--purple neon in color and super fresh on the palate


Francesco Rinaldi Barolo: entry level Barolo for those interested in seeing what all the Piedmontese craze is about


Cerbaie Brunello 2008: 2008 vintage was unique in Brunello, creating wines of a feminine structure that are delicious. (Yours: Dry cherry flavor combined with woodsy pungency, straight from Montalcino)

Your pick here too. Kinda like yours.  


Reserve de la comtesse: smooth and drinkable. Your palate will thank you.


Whistlepig - 15 year straight rye: A prime example of Vermont outdoing itself.


Whistlepig - farmstock: youth marries old age….tastefully.


123 Diablito: the best way to sell your soul to the devil


Pinhook Bourbon: Bourbon with a horseracing name? As if you needed “Kentucky” written on the bottle.


Few Rye: It’s won enough awards to not need an introduction (besides this one).


Black Dirt Bourbon: New York address, Scotland taste.


123 “2”: Reposado means “rested”—so this tequila is aged or “well-rested.” We take it you’re only one of these.


Fidencio “Clasico”:  the mezcal you try before you try the others.


Casa Noble Anejo: So good you’ll be jealous of the barrels it spent two years aging in.


Genepy “Alpe”: Wormwood has hallucinogenic properties…you can thank us later.


Dudognon 'Vieille Reserve': As complex and interesting you thought you were in your twenties.


Manoir de Montreuil Reserve: they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is the same thing...right?


Madrecuixe: as inviting to your palate as the label is to your eyes


Barril: Barril is a rare species of agave, and “rare mezcal"  fits your cool aesthetic perfectly.


Sombra: These producers pride themselves on tradition, innovation, and respecting the earth. In Congress? Sounds like the recipe for a long weekend. In mezcal? It’s the right one (1)


Batch 001 Barrell Rye: Sweet and spice…and everything really, really, really nice.


Batch 008 Barrell Bourbon: Distilled in TN; crafted and bottled in KY. Bible belt, we’ll give you this one.


Château de Briat: Château de Briat has a long and interesting history, spanning back to Queen Jeanne d’Albert…so, this is literally fit for royalty.


The Exclusive Malts (highland park): Kate Upton has some competition in the 25-year-old bombshell category…


The Exclusive Malts (Clynelish): popular among those “in the know” about all things whisky. Luckily, if you’re not, your secret’s safe with us (you’re welcome).


The Exclusive Malts (Glen Elgin): 21 years to age, luckily only about 21 seconds to open.


Tobaziche: High-toned & full of vibrant energy—exactly how you describe your kids, and this mezcal is exactly how you deal with them.  

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