Verve Wine


Ruppert-Leroy les cognaux: These folks know all about sheep and grape farming, although we’re impartial to the latter.  Their use of biodynamics creates a complex, dynamic flavor, pleasing to the palate.
Patrick Bottex La Cuielle Bugey-Cerdon: 90% Gamay, 10% Poulsard, 100% gulpable.
Francois Chidaine Les Augiles: The French authorities won’t allow Chidaine to label this as 100% Vouray, but, really, take our word (and his) for it.
Keller Trocken: Fruitful and dry, this Riesling combines complexity and intensity while lacking severity.
Pelican Arbois Chardonnay: Although it’s from the lesser-tapped region of Jura, you’ll be convinced it’s a Burgundy.
Oriol Astigas La Prats VV: Astigas’ goal is to “cultivate the grapes in the most natural, least interventionist way possible.” He’s how you wished your parents were, but with grapes.
Sandhi Sanford and Benedict ‘Chardonnay’: From the oldest Chardonnay plantings in Santa Barbara.
Jolie Laide Gamay Noir Bar Sotti: In order to honor the differences in each new wine, Jolie Laide adorns their bottles with a different artist. This release: Brian Gaberman.
Chevillon Passetoutgrain: Made by two brothers who’s dedication and knowledge will permeate your glass.
Cascina Preziosa “Vespolina”: A refreshing and versatile red that holds the renowned Piedmont distinctiveness.
La Combe Grisard Gevrey Chambertin La Justice: Made by two of our favorite winemakers. 300 cases made, so we don’t have to tell you to act fast.
Reserve de La Comtesse: Smooth and drinkable. Your palate will thank you.
Whistlepig—15 Year Straight Rye: A prime example of Vermont outdoing itself.
Whistlepig—Farmstock: Youth marries old age….tastefully.
123 Diablito: The best way to sell your soul to the devil.
Pinhook Bourbon: Bourbon with a horse-racing name? As if you needed “Kentucky” written on the bottle.
Few Rye: It’s won enough awards to not need an introduction (besides this one).
Black Dirt Bourbon: New York address, Scotland taste.